Industrial Solutions

Now, you can enhance productivity, improve the employee experience, streamline problem-solving and drive smarter workplace solutions in your industrial facility—and it all starts by upgrading to LED. With Universal Douglas by your side, it’s never been easier.

Advancing Industrial Operations

Today’s industrial facilities are ripe for improvement, and an easy switch to LED can increase efficiency in a number of ways. Many studies have shown that LED lighting boosts employee productivity and mood, and can help optimize your workplace. Simply put, one of our all-in-one solutions can lead to a domino effect of benefits you’ll experience now and well into the future.

Simple Retrofits and Fixtures

Make the switch to LED easy with kits and fixtures that can be customized to suit your space.

Why LED?

Investing in LED technology is investing in your facility’s future. From impressive energy savings to increased productivity and comfort for employees and visitors alike, our replacement fixtures, tubes and retrofit products are lasting lighting solutions you can rely on.

Future Forward

Uses Bluetooth® LE while allowing for future code compliance

Cost Effective

Reduces energy costs by up to 40% and reduces maintenance costs

Minimal Setup and Maintenance

Secure, compliant and integrated into the fixture


Tailor solutions to your space with the right indoor technology

Simple and Scalable

Installs easily and is designed to integrate seamlessly, be enterprise friendly and support both local and available inventory

Smart Controls

Our controls can integrate into your existing BMS system through our innovative lighting control unit.

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Optimize with Our Lighting Solutions

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