Smart Lighting for Parking Garages

For Energy Savings and Increased Security

Energy bills are a significant drain on your parking revenue and utility rates continue to rise. Fortunately, you’re not powerless. The number one opportunity to slash power bills in a parking garage is the lighting system.

A simple lighting retrofit can substantially reduce energy consumption. Plus, it helps you enhance security and safety for your customers. Not bad for a technology that also pays for itself. Universal Douglas is here to help. We design low-cost, scalable solutions based on your unique lighting needs.

The Floor Plan: Maximum Energy Savings


Bi-level Fluorescent Ballasts with HI-LO ControlOccupancy sensors automatically reduce power consumption when no one is present. our technology maintains 30%–50% level at all times for security lighting.

Outdoor Signage

SignaLED/SignaESB—Universal has efficient solutions available for all outdoor signage.

Top Deck & Exterior Lighting

LED or eHID Ballasts—Universal works to provide the same or better illumination than existing systems but at lower energy costs. Options include daylighting with “ON/OFF” control, photo sensors, and scheduling software. Improved illumination helps enhance safety and security.

Covered Parking Floors & Driving Aisles

DCL with DEMANDflex Ballasts/Linear Fluorescent Ballasts—The most efficient and hassle-free energy management lighting system available today, including full compatibility with BaS systems without additional control wiring. Energy-saving options include occupancy sensors, time-of-day scheduling, and daylight harvesting.

Indoor Signage

LED—Just like our outdoor lighting, Universal’s Signa® brand sign ballasts and LED line provide you with the same or better illumination at a lower monthly energy cost. Use LED for unidirectional and electronic fluorescent for bi-directional. Use timed “ON/OFF” for even more control.

Why Partner with Universal Douglas?

Recent trends in the parking industry are moving towards intelligent energy management systems. We understand. That’s why we want to work with you.

Our comprehensive product line, expert sales professionals, and strategic partnerships allow us to customize a plan resulting in proven energy savings. We will work with you to design the ideal solution for your facility—improving your lighting environment while significantly reducing consumption of electricity.

Let Our Proven Success Work for You

Bank of America Plaza is one of the most prestigious office properties in downtown Los Angeles. Owned by Brookfield Properties, the facility includes a 1.8 million sq. ft. underground parking garage.

In 2009, Brookfield implemented a plan to save $100,000 per year in energy costs by replacing the garage’s T12 ballasts with 2,882 new DEMANDflex T8 ballasts. Each DEMANDflex ballast was “tuned” to 75-percent power during installation, which still provides over five foot-candles of illumination for ample light and safety inside the garage. The entire project has already paid for itself in energy savings.

Following its success at Bank of America Plaza, Brookfield quickly launched a second project to retrofit an above- ground parking structure at Ernst & Young Plaza, a 41-story skyscraper in downtown L.A. More than 1,300 standard T8 ballasts were replaced with new DEMANDflex ballasts “tuned” to 50-percent power for an annual savings of more than $55,000.

“I was impressed by the energy-saving performance of DEMANDflex ballasts,” said Engineering Director Kevin Devine of Brookfield Properties. “We definitely will continue to investigate opportunities to install DEMANDflex ballasts in the future, not limited only to parking garages, but within the stairways, corridors, bathrooms, and other common areas of the building as well.”

 Universal Douglas