LA Lighting Case Study

EVERLINE® Drivers & Modules Complete an Energy-Saving Solution for LED Surface-Mounted Luminaires

LA Lighting Delivers Flexible Dimming Options and Multiple Applications

LED has gained a foothold in the marketplace over the years, thanks to its higher efficacy and longer life. With this increased demand, Los Angeles Lighting Mfg. Co. (LA Lighting) wanted to make more LED options available to its customers. Enter the BCL100 LED Series—a surface-mounted luminaire designed for multiple applications, including wet locations and covered ceiling mount applications. The BCL100 was originally a successful CFL lighting fixture, but with the help of Universal Lighting Technologies’ light engines LA Lighting transitioned it to an LED solution.

“We were able to work together with Universal to create a module and driver system that would deliver energy savings,” said Robert Shapiro, vice president of LA Lighting. “With the BCL100 we created a cost-effective, competitive and durable product, and it’s very flexible in terms of what it can do in an application.”

LA Lighting’s luminaire includes Universal’s EVERLINE dimmable LED driver and the EVERLINE 6˝ square module, which was developed as a custom solution for the BCL100 fixture. Running these drivers with this module, you get different power and light output options from 3,172 to 4,042 lumens for systems. These EVERLINE drivers also feature 0–10V analog dimming control.

“The EVERLINE square module suited this product very well. It fills out the lens and allows the lens to spread the light in such a way as to give people a very comfortable luminaire as opposed to a glaring point source,” explained Shapiro.

With the BCL100 LED solution, LA Lighting is able to provide customers with a low profile, high quality canopy fixture usable in stairwells, pedestrian passageways and parking structures. The BCL100 LED is also well suited to strip mall canopies, public storage facilities, and wet locations. The fixture is DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and ETL listed and tested in accordance to IESNA LM-79.

Not only is the BCL100 Series rated to deliver L70 performance and save on maintenance cost thanks to its long life, but LA Lighting took efficiency a step further with the additional options. All BCL100 Series luminaires are available with step-dimming and/or 0–10V analog dimming drivers and step-dimming capabilities, an occupancy sensor with integrated photo cell that allows the product to operate at 50 percent lumen output while in standby mode, and even an emergency battery pack installed in the housing that will allow the luminaire to operate at 1,500 lumens in emergency mode for 90 minutes.

“The combination of Universal’s driver and module gave us the flexibility to offer even more options to our customers,” Shapiro said.

“As a principal with U.S. Energy Services, we have the opportunity to evaluate a lot of fixtures,” said Jeff Sarret. “Having seen the product in action, we like the BCL100 fixture, containing Universal’s components, for its ease of installation and its clean low profile. We are replacing both surface-mounted fixtures and placing over recessed cans and squares along building eves and canopies. In most cases, we are replacing HID fixtures based on the energy savings. Occasionally, we are performing an upgrade directly over the existing CFL fixtures. The BCL100 also provides brighter illumination with uniform light distribution,” continued Sarret.

In a recent project, U.S. Energy Services replaced 100W HID fixtures. Because the BLC100 is 29W, LA Lighting estimates a savings of about 68 watts of energy or roughly $0.12/hour per kilowatt, which is almost two-thirds of the energy cost. The BCL100 creates even more savings when utilizing its DLC listed step-dimming capabilities (like the kind offered by

Universal)—from 75 to 95 percent. The BCL100 Series is one of many of the fixtures that LA Lighting develops, manufactures and assembles.

“We’ve been in business for 26 years and we’re planning for the future,” said Shapiro. “That’s why we work with companies like Universal Lighting Technologies.”

“Our customers can be sure that when they buy an LA Lighting product and see Universal Lighting components, they know they’re getting good quality.”

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