TruGreen Midsouth Case Study

Universal Douglas trims lawncare maintenance facility’s carbon emissions and energy costs with simple LED retrofit

As one of the largest TruGreen Franchise Groups nationwide, TruGreen Midsouth wanted to partner with a known company to improve the lighting in its Tupelo, MS, facility. With inadequate luminosity, the 13 existing Fluorescent T12s were failing to meet current industry lighting standards and only had a rated life around 10,000 hours, meaning replacements were required on a regular basis. With a higher energy efficiency, longer lifetime and an easy installation process, we proposed the Universal Douglas Round High Bay as the perfect retrofit.

Installed in less than a day by the TruGreen team, eight Round High Bays increased the facility’s lighting levels and provided a much more evenly lit space.  

When we pulled them out and noted they were the size of a dinner plate… We were blown away by how well they lit our truck service area.

Chuck Holstein, TruGreen Tupelo Owner

The new, environmentally friendly lighting system not only improved overall working conditions but also saved the company 5,164 kWH per year, amounting to a nearly $500 annual cost reduction and a payback of one and a half years under the two-year payback target. The project also reduced the facility’s carbon dioxide emissions by 3.7 tons, putting TruGreen on track to meet increasingly important sustainability goals.


 Universal Douglas