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Install peace of mind into your current facility or new construction with our safest device yet. The industry-leading Dialog® Lighting Control Unit (WLC-4150-SC) has received the UL 2900-1 Standard for Software Cybersecurity Network-Connectable Products from the world-renowned safety science organization.

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System Details

As a cloud-based system, CheckLight provides secure, global access to your facility to read your energy monitoring information, adjust lights, and adjust the lighting system settings from anywhere. The Open ADR-ready option can connect through the cloud directly to the utilities. CheckLight also has the power to gather and display dashboard information for a portfolio of buildings, making it a valuable tool for benchmarking and optimizing energy costs. Plus, when energy usage or fixture failures occur, you’ll be notified immediately based on pre-determined parameters via its own dashboard or through shared data through APIs for use with building management systems.

  • Secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform
  • Intuitive dashboard for energy management and monitoring
  • Automated Demand Response (ADR) & OpenADR ready
  • Compatible with Universal Douglas centralized lighting control systems
  • Data analytics for area, floor, building or portfolio of buildings
  • Alerts for system errors


  • Single Log-in for Your Portfolio Of Buildings
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Energy-efficient Strategies
  • Lighting Load Inefficiency Analysis
  • Building Management Software-compatible

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