WOW Corner/Hallway Sensors

With the most mounting flexibility of all our occupancy-sensing devices, these Diversa® line and low voltage units allow you to easily optimize sensor positioning in tricky spaces. This style also comes in networkable for Dialog in Dual-Technology.

WOW Corner/Hallway Sensor Cutsheets

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System Details

Diversa Corner Mount Sensors with Dual-Technology are perfect for atriums, lobbies, hallways and stairwells. With a ball-and-socket design, they provide the utmost flexibility when mounting to walls, ceilings and even sloped ceilings, allowing for the most ideal sensor position. Diversa Dual-Technology Sensors are class-leading specifiable sensors that outperform the competition in a number of areas, including reducing false triggers due to HVAC, music, vibration or traffic and reducing power consumption by using passive sound detection technology as opposed to active ultrasonic technology. By combining PIR and ADI-Voice technology, the sensors are able to maintain occupancy through voice detection technology in areas where the direct line of sight to a person may be obstructed.

  • Low Voltage 24Vac models, and Network models
  • On-board setting for time-out delay and daylight level (daylight sensor models)
  • Advanced & Deck-level configuration of Dual-Technology Sensors with Handheld Infrared Setting Unit


  • Various Modes available (Occupancy, Vacancy, Partial OFF)
  • Swivel Mounting
  • Corner lenses
  • Daylight Sensor
  • 0-10V Dimming
  • Auxiliary Relay

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