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Modernize your lighting systems with indoor and outdoor Bluetooth-enabled devices. From daylight and occupancy sensors to controllers and wall station switches, we have everything you need to “go wireless” wherever your next project takes you. The system is scalable to our enterprise system allowing for global controls such as Time Schedules, Remote control, and Building Management System integration.

Dialog Bluetooth Wireless Cutsheets

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Wireless Indoor System

Upgrade your site or enhance new construction by eliminating pesky network control wires. Our Bluetooth-enabled devices, including load controllers, occupancy sensors and wall station switches, can help you create a complete, wireless control solution for individual rooms, zones and floors.

Integrated Intelligent Fixture™ Controllers and Sensors

Add controls directly to your indoor fixtures with solutions designed to mount to 1/2-inch electrical knockouts. Our devices are powered from 12 or 24VDC driver auxiliary outputs and offer 0-10V dimming control in addition to Bluetooth wireless mesh capabilities. These devices are also Tunable-White ready with an additional 0-10V channel dedicated to CCT.

Outdoor Rated Fixture Mounted Controllers and Sensors

Designed for parking garage and warehouse type applications, our IP65 outdoor rated device allows you to add controls directly to fixtures. Features include occupancy and daylight sensors, 0-10V dimming control, Bluetooth wireless mesh capabilities and high bay sensor range for warehouses or other high-ceiling locations.

  • Bluetooth wireless mesh technology provides reliability, redundancy, and easy expandability
  • Devices communicate over a secure Bluetooth wireless network
  • Complimentary app to commission/control lights through Bluetooth-enabled smartphones
  • Network devices or on-site internet not required
  • Devices are line-powered for long-term reliability and increased functionality


  • Converts Fixtures to Wireless
  • Individual or Multi-fixture Control
  • ON/OFF Relay Control
  • 0-10V Dimming Control
  • Pre-set Control
  • Bluetooth Switch or App-Based Local Control
  • Occupancy Control with Bluetooth Sensor
  • Optional App-based Occupancy Detection
  • Daylight Harvesting with Bluetooth Sensor
  • Bluetooth-enabled iOS Smartphone or iPod Touch Compatible
  • Task-Tuning, Zone, Scene and Time-out Commissioning

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