LED Fixtures

LED Commercial Downlight

Universal Douglas new Commercial Downlights offer installation friendly selectable CCT and Wattage. This allows for easy field adjustment when needed as well as a condensed SKU offering.

LED Linear High Bay – Modern

Universal’s LED Linear High Bay Luminaire – Modern is an aesthetically pleasing high efficiency high bay option. This fixture delivers high lumen output for warehouses, factories, utility areas, and more. Lumen output up to 60,000 lumens sets the LHB above its peers.

LED Pendant Light (Up / Down)

The LPL family provides an easy to install and set up pendant luminaire with high performance lighting and control features. The switchable setting allow for the installer to set 3 different power levels and 3 color temperature as well as determine the up/down lighting percentages with either all downlight or 30% and 50% uplight choices. With the switch accessible on the top side of the fixture, they are easy to change if desired. With a unique latching system, the LPL’s can easily be installed and linked together for continuous, seamless runs.

LED Professional Volumetric

Universal’s EVERLINE PLA series is a recessed volumetric LED Luminaire. Designed for the replacement market, the PLA series is easy to install, delivers even illumination and has a clean, modern appearance designed to visually match the Professional Retrofit Kit (PRK).

LED Round High Bay

Universal’s EVERLINE LED Round High Bay Luminaire delivers high lumen output (over 21,000 Lumens) and a 50°C ambient temperature for gymnasiums, warehouses, utility areas, and more. Available in 120-277VAC or 200-480VAC.

LED Selectable Wattage and CCT Volumetric

Universal’s VGB series is a recessed volumetric LED Luminaire. Designed for the distribution and replacement market, the VGB offers industry leading selectable CCT and wattage with multiple sensor options including integration to our Bluetooth ecosystem.

LED Strips

Universal’s EVERLINE STRP4 series is a 4.25 inch wide LED replacement for linear fluorescent strips. Perfect for any application needing a simple industrial grade strip fixture. Available in 24, 48 and 96 inch lengths, these LED strip lights are a popular lighting solution.

LED Vapor Tight

Universal’s EVERLINE LED Vapor Tight fixtures come in 4’ and 8’ sizes and are equipped with 0-10V dimming LED drivers. Available in 3300-9800 delivered lumens for 4 foot and 7000-19800 delivered lumens for 8 foot fixtures, with an 82 CRI and CCT’s from 3500 to 5000K.

Obsolete Fixtures

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