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Custom Office Lighting Solutions.

We have 125 years of combined experience creating personalized office lighting solutions through our unique combination of flexibility, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our clients.


Commercial Lighting Is a Relationship Business

Customers repeatedly tell us that our quality products and incredible warranty are key, but what really stands out is our unmatched focus on general helpfulness, expert-level support, and flexibility throughout the entire solution building process. Whether you're looking for higher quality LED products, retrofit support, or custom lighting control systems, Universal Douglas is a 75 year-strong partner that you can count on to deliver unsurpassed value by serving you and your project well.

Whether you need a simple standalone fixture or a complex multi-building controls system, we can supply, customize, and fully network your lighting system with one of the industry’s widest range of fixtures, retrofit kits, and control systems.

How We Stack Up


Programmable control system using telecom technology in North America


Reduction in energy use for major aerospace company


Years of combined experience creating commercial lighting solutions