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In 22” and 23” length options, these modules offer 542 to 1929 lumens @4000K, 80 CRI. 158 to 184LPW @ 4000K, 80 CRI. With six CCT options, two models available, these modules are suitable for DLC(R) 4.0 applications. UL Recognized / Class 2.



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Technical Table

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Model Number Listings Operating Ta Range
M10CC8xxD32N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC8xxD32N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC8xxD56N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC8xxD56N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC9xxD32N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC9xxD32N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC9xxD56N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M10CC9xxD56N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M700C8xxD72N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M700C8xxD72N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M700C9xxD72N2V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C
M700C9xxD72N3V UL8750/RoHS -40 to 80C

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