Energy Efficiency

Less energy. More visual comfort. That’s what Universal Douglas can promise for your space with our comprehensive energy efficient solutions.

End-to-End Energy Savings

Whether you’re working in compliance with a city or state mandate or a newfound corporate initiative to reduce energy waste, Universal Douglas has everything you need to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy costs under one roof. From customizable retrofit kits and modern, intelligent LED lighting to smart controls, like motion sensors and advanced dimming capabilities, that mesh seamlessly with our full building control systems, we have the unique ability to provide end-to-end, energy-saving solutions for your space.

Energy Efficiency Offerings

If you’re going green for the first time, don’t sweat it. You can rest assured that you’re working with a trusted industry partner that carries the latest energy-efficient products up to DLC qualifications. Whether you need help upgrading to standalone LED fixtures, implementing state-of-the-art controls or fully networking a college campus or football stadium, we can provide all the tools you need to start seeing energy-reducing results.

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