Retrofit Solutions

When you’re ready to part ways with your traditional fixtures, we have your back. Our controllable retrofit solutions make replacing existing troffer, vapor tight, wrap and strip fixtures easy. Plus, with support from our in-house experts every step of the way, you’ll be surprised at just how simple enabling your future can be.

All Your Retrofit Needs Under One Roof

Replacing outdated fluorescents & LEDs can be a stress-free task. Don’t believe us? Universal Douglas has decades of experience helping facilities of all kinds upgrade to modern lighting in the most efficient way possible. Our domestic manufacturing, broad portfolio of LED fixtures and controls, and ability to tailor our products to fit unique spaces are just a few reasons why we’re able to make that happen.

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Optimize with Our Lighting Solutions

Missing a key component to take your product to the next level? Let’s talk. Our portfolio is open, and we’re at your service.

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